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 CSGO | RDYUP Amateur League #3

Who we are

RDYUP – Readyup Limited (10803535) is an esports competition organiser which hosts leagues, cups and more for video games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Types of data we collect

We store 4 types of cookies on our website:

Strictly necessary: to remember the user.

Analytical: to analyse how users use the website.

Functional: to identify computers.

Targeting: to show users relevant adverts.


We collect this data in order to gain an understanding of our users and to make it a better experience for the users.

Google Analytics

Google analytics – we collect information from google analytics in order to gain an understand of our traffic and users.  To find out more information visit


We use google analytics in order to gain a better understanding of our users.

Purchasing Data

Anything bought from our store will be processed through G2A pay or paypal.  We only have access to the data they provide, and the data you give in the checkout on our website.  No payment details will be given to us, and will never be shared.

Third Parties

List of third party service(s) we use:

Access to your personal information

You are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information that we hold. Email your request to or visit

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Last reviewed on 13/07/2018